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Investigative Services

What We Provide

Get in touch today to find out why Barclay Investigations Inc. is the firm for you.  From forensic-related cases to undercover investigations, our team members provide expertise in several fields, which is how we’re able to offer a wide range of investigative services for our clients. If you don’t see a specific service listed on our site, get in touch and we will be sure to assist you to the best of our ability.

Security Camera


Trustworthy Tactics

Family & Private
Corporate & Civil
Insurance & Litigation
Our surveillance operatives are highly experienced and many have backgrounds in law enforcement and are accredited through Criminal Intelligence Service Ontario (CISO) and internal training within their law enforcement agency giving our operatives the skills needed to covertly obtain intelligence to support any investigation. Our teams use the latest technical surveillance methods available combined with physical surveillance techniques and will use a targets own psychology against them in order to secure effective results in the quickest possible timeframe.


Infidelity / Honey Trapping

Cheating Spouse, we got your back!

Being the victim of infidelity is never easy!
Ask yourself: Are you suspecting that you're being lied to and that your loved one or spouse is cheating on you?
They'll try to deny it, but your gut tells you otherwise. Unfortunately, statistics say that you are probably right.
If you feel that you may be a victim of infidelity and want to uncover the truth, you should hire a professional service like Barclay Investigations Inc.
Barclay Investigations Inc., we believe it is best to provide reliable answers before you take any further action. Our private investigators can give you all the answers you seek in a very discreet, delicate, and suitable way for such a situation.
We get those answers by using modern technologies, surveillance systems and sometimes undercover operations to deliver results as fast as possible while keeping a minimal budget.

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Spot Check

Service Subtitle

Spot check(s) only apply to investigative files for example WSIB, Insurance etc. Spot Checks do not take the place of surveillance.

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Interviews & Witness Statements

A Clear Solution

Retired law enforcement investigators trained in interviewing techniques and statement taking will help in obtaining the information you require.
This is one of our most popular services, and we’re happy to provide it for anyone who needs it. Although many cases are often time-sensitive and always unpredictable, our amazing team of seasoned investigators is well equipped to handle this kind of task responsibly and carefully in order to avoid information leaks and legal missteps.

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Polygraph Examination

Provided by appointment Only in the following areas of Central Ontario, Canada:
Markham, Mississauga, Brampton, Pickering, Barrie and Orillia.

The test takes approximately 2.5 hours.

Your results are provided to you immediately following the completion of the test.

Every polygraph examination is administered in a discreet and professional manner with the individual's right to be examined with dignity and impartiality in mind. 

Persons under 16 or women who are pregnant cannot be tested

A non-refundable deposit is required by e-transfer at the time of booking with the remainder due on the test date before the test begins. ​If the test is canceled with less than 24 hours notice, then the full payment is required. We can take credit card payments with a small fee.

TV Screens

Investigative Research

Quality Work

Asset Searches

Criminal Background Checks

Skip Tracing Services

Social Media Monitoring

Investigative research is a name given to a collection of research techniques and methods used by Private Investigators. It is intended to unearth secret, hidden or obscure information that can build a more comprehensive picture of the issue under investigation.

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Background Check

Quality Work

We’re working hard day and night and using all our resources in order to find the information our clients need. We use the latest technology in order to provide this service for all our clients. Whether you’re an individual or an organization, give us a call to schedule a consultation and start taking advantage of our latest technology and responsible investigative tactics right away.

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General Investigation.jpg

General Investigative Services

Quality Work

General Investigation is labeled as such when a case really has no one category to be put under. This could happen if an investigator has to use many categories to work on the case.

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Litigation Support.jpg

Litigation Support

Trustworthy Tactics

Court cases, both criminal and civil, can be complex undertakings, and lawyers can’t do everything. That’s why they depend on reputable private investigative agencies like Barclay Investigations Inc. to provide reliable litigation support services in Ontario to help build and analyze evidence.

Our private investigators help attorneys:

Gather and preserve evidence

Identify and verify witnesses

Obtain legal testimony

Locate and interview witnesses

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Land Registry.jpg

Property / Residence Searches

Trustworthy Tactics

The world seems to be turning into a more dangerous place, and this means trusting people blindly is getting harder to do. With this service, you can stay calm knowing that our skilled team will use all available resources to find the information you seek. When you decide to work with Barclay Investigations Inc., you’re guaranteed accurate, honest and timely results.

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Location Verification.png

Location Verification

A Clear Solution

Need to verify that the person you are looking for is living where they say they are? Let Barclay Investigations Inc. look into this for you and deliver you with supporting evidence that they are in fact at that location or else where.

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Evidence of Residence / Employment

A Clear Solution

Need Barclay Investigations Inc. to prove or disprove that a subject is living where they say they are?  Maybe they say they own property or work for a specific employer somewhere and you want to confirm this. We can help you find this information!

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